Celebrate each day with fun activities

Engage in fun-filled games and exercise class to enjoy every day. You can also attend lively holiday and weekly happy hour with our family and other residents. We take every initiative to make every moment a delight.

Tender Hears Assisted Living, LLC
Tender Hearts Assisted Living

Unique & engaging sessions for all residents

Find your new home in one of our twenty large spacious single/ double suites (364 sqft to 504 sqft) with private full handicap accessible bathrooms, refrigerator, basic cable, modern sprinklers, smoke alarms, and separate heating/ air conditioning controls for each room. Enjoy the two beautiful fireplaces, living rooms, sun rooms plus a large spacious dining room. Also enjoy the private dining room which is available for parties and family enjoyment. Families are encouraged to visit often and may dine with residents.

Exercises to keep you fit and active

Family will enjoy watching your loved ones exercising their stress away. You or your loved ones can join our morning exercise program all through the week. You can participate by sitting and following our activity direction to get a full body workout to the best of your ability while staying safe.

Tender Hearts Assited Living

Games, parties, church services and more!

Enjoy the togetherness of playing games and relive your childhood. All the residents will be playing games from bingo, bridge, cribbage, dog races, Wii, crafts, nails, board games, cooking class, and many more.

Wait, there's more! There are special themed holiday parties and special events, most of which are family centered and you can enjoy the attention of your large family including children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all the relatives you love.